Microneedling Program

In our comprehensive microneedling training program, our experienced instructors will teach you the latest techniques with the latest technology and safety protocols for performing microneedling treatments on clients. It is designed to teach you with all the necessary tools, knowledge and experience you need to perform microneedling safely and effectively to existing, new and potential clients.

Accredited Certification recognized through the Canadian Association of Medical Spas & Aesthetic Surgeons; eligible to work anywhere in Canada.



- Reduces Blackheads

- Reduces fine lines/wrinkles

- Improves quality and texture of your skin

- Reduces Scarring

- Exfoliates the skin

- Reduces hyperpigmentation

Program Outline:

Skin anatomy

Pre & post care

Acne, anti-aging & scar treatment

Product selection



Marketing & clientele


Needle depths & speeds


Microneedling 101


GlowUp Aesthetic Academy is an educational team passionate about skin care. We are dedicated towards providing a comfortable yet well informed education environment. We understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and experience levels. Therefore, our mission is to recognize every student’s needs and help them fulfill their goals in the field of skincare.

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