Home Business Program

Want to work only few hours a day from home and make 10k a month?

GlowUp Aesthetic Academy can help you to achieve that goal!

Begin your journey with our Eyelash Extension Program, laying the foundation for your very own home-based business. As you progress, you can gradually grow your clientele and establish a solid reputation. In addition to the eyelash extension program, you have the option to integrate various individual programs, broadening your range of treatments and increasing your potential revenue streams. This allows you to expand your home business while offering diverse services to cater to your clients' specific needs

Accredited Certification recognized through the Canadian Association of Medical Spas & Aesthetic Surgeons; eligible to work anywhere in Canada.

Our home business program also includes a free two- hour workshop to help you start from scratch. The workshop covers:

- Financing and loan applications

- Bookkeeping, tax filing and tax deductions

- Business license application

- Social media branding

Alumni Story

Alexandra Nagy

Meet Alexandra Nagy, a remarkable single mom with two adorable daughters. She embarked on her journey as an eyelash extension technician and successfully established a home-based business. Over time, Alexandra's business flourished as she expanded her offerings to include teeth whitening and tooth gem treatments. Recognizing the importance of continuous growth, she seized the flexible learning opportunity presented by our Medical Aesthetic Program and enrolled in February 2023.

Upon completing the program, Alexandra wasted no time incorporating her newfound knowledge into her business. With the addition of advanced treatments, her home-based venture saw a substantial boost in revenue, propelling her to the next level of success.

Alexandra's determination and passion for her craft have been the driving forces behind her achievements, making her an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry.

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