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Our team of dedicated instructors ensures that we remain the leading authority in Medical Aesthetics Education and training across Canada.


GlowUp Aesthetic Academy has established a beneficial partnership with Gratify Pay to offer students a convenient and affordable payment option. The program allows students to divide their tuition fees into four equal payments, thereby spreading out the financial burden over time.

The payment plan comes with several advantages:

  1. Equal Payments: Each payment will be of the same amount, making it easier for students to budget and plan their finances accordingly. 

  2. No Interest: Unlike traditional loans or credit card payments, Gratify Pay does not charge any interest on the installment plan. This means that the total cost of the program remains fixed, without any additional financial burden for students.

  3. One-Time Service Fee: Instead of multiple fees for each installment, Gratify Pay charges a one-time service fee. This simplifies the payment process and ensures transparency.

Overall, this partnership aims to make education at GlowUp Aesthetic Academy more accessible and affordable for aspiring students, eliminating the need for upfront lump- sum payments and the stress of accumulating interest over time.

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GlowUp Aesthetic Academy is an educational team passionate about skin care. We are dedicated towards providing a comfortable yet well informed education environment. We understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and experience levels. Therefore, our mission is to recognize every student’s needs and help them fulfill their goals in the field of skincare.

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